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At the end of the online process , an order confirmation will be sent via e- mail at the address indicated by you . We invite you to enter a valid e -mail address that you check often , since all communication relating to shipping delays or temporary unavailability of the goods, you will be sent to that address. In the case of temporary unavailability , you will be required if the order is confirmed , however, shall be construed or canceled.

In case you intend to forgo the purchase , you will warn immediately and , in any case , before the shipment of the package. You can track the shipment electronically via the tracking code which will be sent by e-mail simultaneously with the confirmation of the order . In the event that the package were to go back to the sender , this will be interpreted as a refusal of the shipment and all expenses will be borne by you.


Prices and Shipments

All prices on the website are inclusive of VAT and can be changed without notice , as they are updated daily. E ' can choose a payment method from those listed at the end of the purchase process , the shipping costs are not included in the price and are also listed at the end of the purchase process .

The maximum transportable via shipping with cash on delivery is Euro 990,00 to be paid in cash upon delivery of the package .

Shipments are made ​​via courier and the goods are delivered on average within 24 h , excluding the islands , where delivery takes 48 hours.


Non-conforming goods and for damage

In the event that the goods delivered did not conform to what is stated on our website or as required in the purchase order online , we will withdraw it at our expense and replace it with goods into conformity or refund the amount paid including shipping Shipping .

In accordance with the rules in force in respect of transport and distance shopping outletmilitary be discharged from all liability in respect of any delay, loss and / or damage to employees from transport and shipping.


Right of withdrawal

In the event that the buyer is not satisfied with the goods remained (except for custom clothes or custom ), although accordance with the instructions on the site , within ten days of receipt , you may obtain reimbursement of expenses incurred without any penalty . This right can be exercised by sending registered mail to our address ALGI SRL Via Franco Vannetti Donnini 53/29 - 53/30 59100 PRATO (PO), ITALY indicating the intention to withdraw from the purchase contract , the data to make the repayment and your personal data and sending to the same address , enclosed in a bundle, that the goods to be returned it must be in the same condition in which it was received, and integrates perfectly with the original packaging .

The right of withdrawal does not apply in the case where the condition is not essential integrity of the property as it was delivered.

The refund will be made ​​as soon as possible and no later than ten working days from receipt of notice of withdrawal .



Buying on the internet is an official purchase in all respects .

For any complaint or notice of any failure related to the activities of our online store, use the following contacts: [email protected]





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